In an effort to collect delinquent property taxes efficiently and effectively, and in accordance with the Setoff Debt Collection Act, South Carolina State Law, Title 12, Chapter 56 and Beaufort County Council's Resolution, the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office has implemented a Setoff Debt Collection Program.

This program is administered by the Tax Collector and allows for the collection of delinquent property taxes via garnishment of South Carolina State income tax refunds. Collection efforts have been applied to delinquent mobile homes, rental residential property, aircraft, watercraft, and other property types, with collections totaling over $1,000,000 since the program’s inception.

Affected taxpayers are notified 30-45 days prior to submission to the program each year through a Setoff Debt Notice sent by postal mail, allowing them time to resolve the delinquent balance and potentially avoid garnishment of their South Carolina State income tax refunds. Although the deadline to protest a debt has passed, affected taxpayers may still use be able to resolve their debt prior to it being setoff.

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