The Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office, professionals serving with innovation and enthusiasm.


An elected official, the Treasurer serves as the County’s chief banker and investment officer and has the statutory responsibility of collecting and disbursing all real, personal and motor vehicle property tax revenues, as calculated by the Beaufort County Auditor, on behalf of the County, school district, municipalities and other taxing authorities within the boundaries of Beaufort County.

The Treasurer also serves as a depository for Beaufort County Government, its departments, and the Beaufort County School District. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the Treasurer to record the aforementioned activity in the general ledger. All of this while offering quality customer service and maximizing the County's financial resources through effective management of funds and minimization of costs.

Other responsibilities of the Treasurer’s Office include:

  • Pursuing delinquent tax collections.
  • Generating refund checks to taxpayers as a result of overpayments, adjustments, exemptions, etc.
  • Assisting with the issuance of debt for the County, fire districts and school district.
  • Invest funds that are not needed for immediate disbursement to generate additional revenues.
  • Providing tax information to the public and legal professionals.

Treasurer’s Office Facts

  • Has an operational budget of approximately $2.22 million.
  • Manages over 45 bank and investment accounts.
  • Receives approximately 8,500 inquiries by phone and email per month through our internally-staffed call center.
  • Mails over 320,000 tax notices every year.
  • Processes over 400,000 payments per year.
  • Collects in excess of $360 million per year in property taxes alone.
  • Manages over 430 active bankruptcies.
  • Registered over 240 delinquent tax sale bidders for the last two years.
  • Collected over $12.6 million and $15.9 million from the delinquent tax sale in 2015 and 2016, respectively.
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