Properties become part of the Forfeited Land Commission when they have been advertised and presented for auction at the annual tax sale but did not receive bid activity above the minimum bid. The property then reverts to the Forfeited Land Commission as the legal owner of said property after the end of the redemption period.

Properties owned by the Forfeited Land Commission may be bid upon during the redemption period but cannot be deeded until after the redemption period has ended. If a property's redemption period has ended, it may be sold and deeded immediately.

A list of properties available for bid is available online or in the Beaufort Office.

How to Submit a Bid

Properties in the Forfeited Land Commission are auctioned at the annual tax sale as well as in an online public aution especially held to auction properties in the Forfeited Land Commission. The online public auction is held annually.

However, the Treasurer's Office accepts bids for properties in the Forfeited Land Commission at any time.

  • Reference our online listing or contact our office to obtain the minimum bid amount, which includes the minimum bid plus the Deed Recording Fee. You may submit a bid for the minimum amount or an amount of your choosing; also called a sealed bid.
  • Contact our office to become a registered bidder.
  • Submit in-person or by postal mail guaranteed funds for the total amount of the bid with a written request to place a bid that includes the parcel identification number (PIN), your name, and mailing address. Acceptable payment types include cash, cashier's check, money order, and credit or debit card.
  • If the bid submitted is less than the minimum amount, contact our office to obtain the correct Deed Recording fees and include in the written request an explanation for the bid amount submitted in the written request.
  • If you wish to submit a bid for a lesser amount, the bid will go before the Forfeited Land Commission for consideration. A majority vote of the Forfeited Land Commission to accept the bid is required to pass title and may result in a delay of the bid's acceptance. The results of the Commission's vote, once taken, will be communicated to the bidder within two business days.
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