The Beaufort County Treasure's Office offers an installment payment program for mobile homes, residential and commercial real property, in accordance with South Carolina State Statute 12-45-75 and Beaufort County Ordinance 66-56.

In an effort to provide flexibility to Beaufort County's taxpayers who have been affected by COVID-19, the Treasurer's Office is relaxing program requirements to provide taxpayers with more freedom and flexibility.

Taxpayers are now able to pay the upcoming year's taxes in advance, in any amount they are most comfortable with and as frequently as they would like.

Required by State law, the Treasurer's Office will continue to provide an installment bill every other month equal to 1/6th of the prior year tax amount.

If choosing to pre-pay the amount indicated on the bill, the taxpayer may utilize any payment method most convenient for them. If a taxpayer would like to pre-pay an alternative amount or would like to pre-pay more frequently, the taxpayer must mail their pre-payment to:

Beaufort County Treasurer
Installment Tax
PO Box 932964
Atlanta, GA 31193-2964

The final payment is made with the annual tax bill which will display your total taxes, total installment payments and the remaining balance due. In the event you have overpaid, a refund will be provided by mail.

By submitting this application, you are electing to participate in the Installment Payment Program for Real Property Taxes, according to South Carolina State Statute 12-45-75, Beaufort County Ordinance 66-56 and the criteria above .

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Physical Address of the Property

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