New Resident

Beaufort County Treasurer's Office - Thursday, December 03, 2020

Where's My Bill?

We're receiving hundreds of phone calls per day, with this being our customers' top concern. The 2020 annual tax bills have not been sent yet because the County Auditor's Office is still in the process of finalizing the tax bills.

Unfortunately, the Treasurer's Office cannot accept payments before the Auditor's Office has completed that process. Once done, the Treasurer's Office will do everything we can to get your bill to you as quickly as possible and update all avenues of communication to ensure you know it is on it's way.

When will my bill be due?

Another important question we are getting is "when will my bill be due?" In an effort to reduce the impact this delay would have on our customers, the County sought, and was granted, permission from the South Carolina Department of Revenue to extend the due date to February 15, 2021. If necessary, in the coming days, we will be requesting an additional extension so our customers have even more time to pay without penalty.

New to Beaufort County or moved this year?

If you or someone you know has recently moved or are a new resident to Beaufort County, our new resident checklist has the information you will need to not only ensure you are receiving your tax bills at the correct address and paying timely, but also ensure you are aware of property tax discounts and other information you will need to make the transition to our wonderful community smoother.  

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