Are You Taking Advantage of Every Tax Discount?

Beaufort County Treasurer's Office - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Are You Taking Advantage of Every Tax Discount? South Carolina law allows for special exemptions, which are the equivalent of discounts on your tax bill. Don't miss out on these tax discounts! Now is the time to review your property accounts to ensure you're receiving every discount your eligible for. A big one is the Legal Residence Exemption. Although the Treasurer's Office gets a lot of questions about this discount, it is the Beaufort County Assessor's Office that manages and authorizes that exemption. We teamed up to share information you need to know about the exemption and how to apply.   

Collection Rates and Investment Returns Reach All-Time High

We have reached the last month of the 2019 tax year and I am incredibly excited to share that we have reached an all-time high in two areas, our collection rate and investment returns. Our County and it's taxpayers have a significant interest in both. As of September 30th, our collection rate was well over 98% and our investment returns for fiscal year 2020 came in at $5.75 million. 

A high collection rate means less delinquencies and is indicative of a well-functioning collection process. High investment returns show that the dollars of our taxpayers are working for them, with every dollar earned being one less dollar out of their pockets. I want to express my continued thanks to everyone who has paid their taxes and to my team for diligently working to assist them. If you want to view our collections data, take a minute to visit our our website.

2020 Tax Bills

As the County prepares to send the property tax bills for tax year 2020, I want to remind you that it is not too late to sign up for e-billing with myBeaufortCounty. In addition to the convenience of receiving your bill electronically, you can easily manage all your tax bills, payments and receipts in one location. And if you use an e-check, there are absolutely no additional fees. 

For more information about taxes or the Treasurer's Office, you may visit our website or our team is happy to assist you at 843-255-2600. If you have questions regarding the Legal Residence Exemption, you may reach the Assessor's Office at 843-255-2400 or emailing 

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