Collection Rates are Up

Beaufort County Treasurer's Office - Thursday, August 13, 2020

Collection Rates are Up! We are approaching the final months of the tax year, which are often the most challenging for our property owners and our team. I was very encouraged when I reported last months numbers to you and once again, at 96.7%, our collection rate is higher as of July 31, 2020 than it has been in almost a decade. We also have fewer delinquent real property accounts than in previous years and I wanted to express my continued thanks to everyone who has paid their taxes. If you want to view our collections data, take a minute to visit our our website.  Read More

Posting of Delinquent Properties Begins

Beaufort County Treasurer's Office - Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The Beaufort County Treasurer's Office  will begin levying delinquent properties on August 5, 2020. This is the process in which a Notice of Levy sign is affixed to a property as notification to the owner that the property taxes have not been paid.   Read More

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