Setoff Debt Letters Mailed

Chydonna Thurston - Friday, July 21, 2017

On July 13, 2017, notification letters were sent to delinquent taxpayers whose delinquent taxes are being submitted to the Department of Revenue’s Setoff Debt program. In accordance with South Carolina State Statute, the Setoff Debt program allows the Treasurer’s Office to collect on outstanding debt by garnishing the South Carolina State income tax refunds of delinquent taxpayers.

Affected taxpayers have 30 days from the date of their letter to protest in writing, which may be done by mail, in-person or online. This notice allows them time to resolve the delinquent balance and potentially avoid their income tax refunds being garnished.

“Since the inception of the Setoff Debt Program, the Treasurer’s Office has collected over $1.2 million and an even greater amount of delinquent taxes have been removed and resolved. Our intent is to pursue delinquent taxes effectively. Although this often means collecting on a delinquent amount, this can also mean the removal or resolution of a delinquent tax. My staff and I are available to answer questions and I encourage taxpayers who would like to dispute the validity of their debt to file a timely protest,” said Maria Walls, CPA, Beaufort County Treasurer.

All taxpayers are encouraged to make sure their mailing address is up-to-date with the Treasurer’s Office. For additional information and resources regarding Setoff Debt and resolving delinquent taxes, visit

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