Treasurer Announces New Delinquent Collections Program

- Monday, March 27, 2017

The Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office will begin using a third party collections agency, American Financial Credit Services (AFCS), to assist in the collection of delinquent business personal property taxes.

In the past, the Annual Tax Sale was the primary and only delinquent collection program. In 2014, with support from Beaufort County Council, the Treasurer's Office initiated the Setoff Debt Program. This program has yielded positive results over the past three years but does have limitations.

“In general, businesses cannot be submitted through the Setoff Debt program,” said Maria Walls, CPA, Beaufort County Treasurer “because the program requires the use of a social security number, an identifier most businesses do not have.”

“Pursuing and collecting delinquent taxes is a sensitive subject but it is part of my role as Treasurer so we utilize programs that fulfill our responsibility with professional and personalized services. AFCS’s collection services are unique, in addition to pursuing the taxes owed, they will assist delinquent taxpayers who are found to have been taxed incorrectly, by educating them on the proper documentation to file so the tax does not continue to be assessed each year,” said Maria Walls, CPA, Beaufort County Treasurer.

There is no cost to the County for this program and the taxes will be collected in full. AFCS' 20% fee is in addition to the delinquent taxes and is paid by the delinquent taxpayer.

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