An overage exists when the winning bid amount for a property sold at tax sale exceeds the minimum bid. If the property is titled to the successful bidder, the owner of record at the time the redemption period ends is entitled to the overage in accordance with South Carolina State Statute 12-51-130.

Overage funds will not be available for disbursement until approximately 90 days after the recording date of the delinquent tax sale deed. If overage funds are unclaimed for five years from the date of the tax sale, the funds are escheated to the general fund of the governing body.

If you are a delinquent taxpayer who has been contacted by a company requesting payment to retrieve these funds on your behalf please contact us. The use of a third party is not necessary; our staff will assist you and disburse your funds to you free of charge.

An overage may be claimed by completing an overage request form and providing the required documentation by mail or in-person. Overage information for properties deeded after tax sale can be found on online or in the Beaufort Office.

Overage funds that remain unclaimed after five years are escheated to the Beaufort County General Fund.

Pursuant to South Carolina State Statute 30-2-50, please be advised the information is intended for informational uses only and is not to be used for commercial purposes. Any person knowingly violating this statute is guilty of a misdemeanor. Beaufort County takes the protection of citizen information from commercial solicitation very seriously and intends to prosecute any person violating the statute mentioned above.

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