Redeeming a Property

General Information
Redemptions can be made by the defaulting taxpayer, a lien holder, or an agent for either one.

The following is an approximate timeline of the redemption calculation:

 October – December (1st Quarter)  3% of the winning bid
 January – March (2nd Quarter)  6% of the winning bid
 March 17th  The current year’s taxes are added
 April – June (3rd Quarter)  9% of the winning bid
 July 1st  A title search fee of $225 is added
 July – September (4th Quarter)  12% of the winning bid

Redemption information for properties sold at tax sale can be found in our Data page.

Real Property
Real property sold at tax sale has a redemption period lasting twelve (12) months and one day from the date of the tax sale. If a property is redeemed, the bidder will be notified by mail. At that time, the bidder must return the Temporary Tax Sale Receipt to the Treasurer's office for a refund of the bid, deed preparation fees, and applicable interest.

Mobile Home
Mobile homes sold at tax sale also have a redemption period lasting twelve (12) months and one day from the date of the tax sale. However, delinquent taxpayers wishing to redeem their mobile home must also pay rent to the winning bidder.

Mobile home rent is calculated by dividing the base delinquent tax amount by 365 days to determine the daily rent amount. The daily rent amount is then multiplied by the number of days that have elapsed since the date of the applicable tax sale; the resulting rent amount must be added to the redemption amount.

Personal Property
Personal property sold at tax sale does not have a redemption period. A bill-of-sale is issued to the winning bidder the day of the tax sale.

Failure to Redeem Property
If a property is not redeemed, a delinquent tax sale deed is issued within 90 days of the end of the redemption period. The deed will be in the name of the successful bidder and submitted to the Beaufort County Register of Deeds for recording. The recording process will take four to six weeks from the time the deed is submitted.

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