Property tax refunds are issued within approximately 15 business days of an overpayment or account adjustment, through the United States Postal Service. Please make sure we have your most current mailing address. If you need to update your mailing address, you may do so in person at any one of our office locations or online.

If your account was paid through a mortgage escrow account, a refund on your account may be disbursed to your mortgage company, depending on the timing of their payment. If the refund is disbursed to your mortgage company, you will need to contact them to obtain these funds.

The following is a summary of who may receive a refund.

 If an account was…  The refund will be distributed to…
 Overpaid  The individual who paid the taxes.
 Removed from the installment program  The individual who paid.
 Corrected  The current owner of record.
 Adjusted due to a value appeal  The individual who filed the appeal.
 Adjusted due to a 4% Legal Residence Application  The individual who applied.
 Adjusted due to a homestead or other  exemption  The individual who applied.
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