Every year the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office submits unclaimed funds to the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. Each year millions of dollars are transferred to the State Treasurer’s Office by organizations who cannot locate their intended recipient. It is the responsibility of the South Carolina State Treasurer to hold them on behalf of taxpayers until the funds are claimed.

Unclaimed property are assets listed in your name that were not successfully transferred to you. Some common forms of Unclaimed Property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, and refunds. Beaufort County’s most common forms of unclaimed funds are uncashed checks.

Claiming Your Funds

The public is encouraged to search the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office unclaimed funds listing as well as MissingMoney.com for funds held by other states in which they have lived. Unclaimed funds held by the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office may be claimed online or by calling 803-737-4771 for more information.

There is no time limit for claiming your funds; the rightful owner always has the right to claim them. Additionally, there is no fee to claim them. If you are contacted by an individual or firm offering to return property to you for a fee, contact the South Carolina Unclaimed Property Program Offices before signing any agreement.

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